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Barbara Ann portrait

Find out how Policeman Pete books came about through the personal  account of the author, Barbara Ann:

"With the children now grown and away at University I began to look forward to the “Retirement Years”. The farm was too big for just my husband and I to manage. With this is in mind I remembered with love the wonderful times and little dramas that had happened in and around the farm and villages.

Putting pen to paper I began to write down the little happenings involving the various animals that had occurred over the years, this was done purely for my own benefit and for any future grandchildren that I may have.

Many months later my daughter, by chance read the stories and found them delightful, so much so that she encouraged me to share them with others.

Our local village “Bobby” (Policeman), who was a friend to all, shared with us many wonderful tales and so he became my central character linking all the villages together. I needed a simple catchy name for him and so Policeman Pete was created.

He was perfect; he provided a safe environment in which the young child could be exposed to life’s little dramas. He also brought together the villages in a simple neighbourly way. This is how I was brought up to see the roll of the neighbourhood “Bobby”. I somehow hoped the books would help to bring around a more positive attitude towards our police force. My first set of books were almost ready for publishing in the Autumn of 2012 when the tragic events involving PC Nicola Hughes and PC Fiona Bone occurred. These were the two young policewomen that lost their lives in the line of duty. Nicola was actually from Diggle, one of the local villages of Saddleworth.

I was so appalled and moved that I decided there and then to make a donation to the Blue Lamp Foundation Charity with every book sold. The charity supports all emergency personnel and their families that are injured whilst on duty.

Since writing the books my life has changed in many ways; meeting new people, speaking at cubs/beaver groups and liaising with Tameside Police force with involvement in the charity.

I intend to write a series of twenty books in all and in so doing share the joys of living in the countryside."